Access Printing Solutions aims to provide the best possible products at the best possible prices. Newspaper printing inks are sources from our European partners. To maintain the high European standard of our partners, Access produces it own line of liquid inks Water-Based and Solvent-Based to our partner’s standards. Developing the Access range of inks confirms our commitment to providing the best quality ink solutions.

Inks available from Access Printing Solutions have been formulated to give color clarity, consistency, rub resistance and excellent printability. There is a wide variety of inks available for any printing requirement, with each product displaying exceptional versatility.


1) Access-Aqua

Water-based inks are formulated for flexo printing of multiwall sacks, corrugated or solid fibreboard cases. This product can also be use for printing on Kraft carders, Sulphite bags and similar lightweight packaging papers.

Access-Aqua can be characterised by their ability to provide high quality prints and brightness over bleached, oyster and brown substrates. It has high colour strength at stable viscosity with good drying by absorption into the substrates.

Due to wide area of application of Acess-Aqua that can be tailor-made to meet specific requirements, customers should discuss their specific needs with our technical staff before ordering.


1) Access-Roto/Flexo

Access-Roto/Flexo is a range of Solvent Based inks formulated for Flexo and Gravure printing of co-extruded polypropylene films that is used for packaging potato crisps and related snack food products.

They exhibit adhesion on the modern high speed press giving prints with low odour and low retained solvent characteristics. The Access-Roto/Flexo has improved heat resistance which minimises jaw cut on heat sealing.

Printers using this ink expect a good gloss, heat resistance, has product resistance toward animal fats, high slip, good scuff resistance, low odour and solvent retention.

2) Access-Flexo

Flexographic Solvent based inks for printing treated polyethylene, polypropylene and certain other films. Being alcohol-based they are suited to today’s food packaging specifications for such applications as bread bags, deep freeze packaging, and carrier and counter bags. For improved half-tone printing the use of Acess-Flexo Hi-Tone inks is recommended.

They have been particularly formulated to take advantage of the modern flexo press where clean running and fast drying properties are required. This series has low odor and solvent retention. Anti-static properties and good slip for enhanced packaging machine performance. Good adhesion providing scuff and abrasion resistance.

As the applications of flexo printed polyethylene (and other films) are so varied the level of slip and certain other properties required of Acess-Flexo inks may be specified in discussion with our technical staff.

3) Access-Flexo Hi-Pro

Access-Flexo Hi-Pro is ink specifically formulated to meet the exacting demands of the flexographic half-tone process. Being alcohol-based Access-Flexo Hi-Pro is suited to today’s food packaging specifications.

The ink gives excellent dot reproduction with minimum dot gain on treated polyethylene film and certain other substrates. The ink is suited for running on the modern high-speed flexo press yet has controlled drying properties to enable easy make ready at low speeds, with little or no alteration.

As the applications of half-tone printed polyethylene (and other substrates) are so varied the level of slip and certain other properties required of Access-Flexo Hi-Pro inks may be specified in discussion with our technical staff.

4) Access-Lam

Access-Lam is a range of Modified Nitrocellulose/Polyurethane-based inks specially formulated for the Flexographic and Gravure reverse printing of Corona treated co-extruded polypropylene films for subsequent adhesive lamination for the snack food market. Being alcohol-rich Access-Lam inks may be used with most normal rubber rollers and photopolymer plates.

Access-Lam may be laminated with a wide range of solvent bases, water based and solvent-less adhesives. Access-Lam inks can be printed at low or high press speeds, depending on the application conditions and thinners selected.

The main properties of Access-Lam is good colour strength, high lamination bond strengths, fast solvent release, low level of retained solvents and excellent printability over extended running periods.


1) Access Premium Coldset, Europe.

This series was formulated for optimised print quality on individual press requirements by our Europe partner, Web Coldset was developed to give cleaner and sharper reproduction, with minimal ink lay down.

It demonstrates exceptional lithographic characteristics, allowing the printer to achieve stable ink/water balance quickly for optimum transfer. This quick transfer allows for quality printing with smooth solids on a wider range of different grammage newsprint stocks.

The excellent rub resistance and setting properties of the Web Coldset range complement the smooth running of the press and was designed to give minimal set-off through post press and inserting equipment.

2) Access Premium Heatset, Europe.

The Flint Group, Europe, Web Heatset series provides excellent high gloss results and high colour strength. It is a premium heatset ink on coated paper for a wide variety of presses. This product has been running well in a wide variety of dampening presses

Its high strength allows running thin films with low dot gain prints, high trap values in secondary colour and economy in drying temperatures as lower web exit temperatures are possible using this high strength system.

Printers that have been using this product report high productivity and less down time caused by the web breaks.


1) Access Premium Sheetfed

Process Colour Sheetfed Offset Printing Ink with a wide range of applications on coated and uncoated cardboards and papers. Access Premium Sheetfed provides excellent ink/water stability and press stability for easy printing. It is roller fresh that minimizes machine down times due to reduction of wash-ups.

The ink is duct and roller fresh, has excellent printability and lithographic performance. The ink is fast setting and absorbent and has good water stability. The paper can be stacked capability, wet-on-wet properties (Ink Trapping).

Printers can expect a fast work and turn rate (dependant on substrate).

2) Access Premium Sheetfed Pantone

Access-Pantone base inks are ready mixed duct fresh printing inks with universal use for solid and spot printing on packaging and advertising prints.

The products printed with this series stand out for their smooth solid prints and their high rub resistance. This is due to the vehicle systems which also offer high security in the run. Access-Pantone base inks can be blended on the spot to match shades in the Pantone Formula Guide using the Pantone Matching System.

Printers can expect good ink transfer, good stocking capability and fast work and turn, high consistency and good rub and scratch resistance.

Various other press room items are also available such as fountain solutions, Over Print Varnish, Gloss Varnish and Anti-skin Spray. These are only a few of our quality German products in stock.

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