Access Water-Base Ink

Access Printing Solutions aims to provide the best possible products at the best possible prices. To maintain the high European standard of our partners, Access produces its own line of liquid inks to our European standards.

Developing the Access range of inks confirms our commitment to providing the best quality ink solutions. Inks available from Access Printing Solutions have been formulated to give color clarity, consistency, rub resistance, and excellent printability. There is a wide variety of inks available for any printing requirement, with each product displaying exceptional versatility.

Water-based inks formulated for substrates like corrugated box, kraft paper, tissue paper, hot cup, cold cup, gift paper, label, board.

Water-based Inks Products

Water-based Inks & Concentrates – Surface application

Special Characteristics

High Strength Inks

Low Abrasion

High pigment loading concentrate can be given based on request.

Excellent Transfer Properties

Applications & Substrate

Applications & Substrate



Corrugated Board

Tissue Paper

Paper Bag

Decorative Paper